BBQ Brethren Community Outreach: Our Charter - To Serve Those Who Served

Our Efforts


Our Soldiers and Veterans

 There is perhaps nothing as uniting amongst BBQ enthusiasts as a deep sense of patriotism. Dedication to our military, veterans and active duty, is a common cause that inspires many fundraisers and BBQ's.

Whether it's NY's annual BBQ at the Veterans Administration, the annual holiday party for active military at Camp Parks in California or any of the many events in-between, the BBQ Brethren looks forward to any opportunity to serve those that have served our country. 



‘No Man Stands So Tall as When He Stoops to Help a Child.'

This quote has been attributed to various luminaries, but regardless of who originally said it, the BBQ Brethren is in full agreement with the sentiment. We consider it a privilege to be able to help organizations that are dedicated to assisting children.

We regularly work with the Ronald McDonald House, both cooking for the children and families staying at the house and cooking at fundraisers such as their walk-a-thon. Whether we are cooking for a dozen families or for crowds over a thousand, we are proud to help such a noble organization.



Cancer and Illness

Partnered with organizations like the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalitions, Ovarian Cancer Society, Ronald Mcdonald House and John Theissen Childrens Foundation we do our best to bring a smile to the face of a child or a holiday meal to a family that otherwise would not have one. We will partner with various groups or organizations to support their fundraisers or aid in taking their events to the next level.