BBQ Brethren Community Outreach: Our Charter - To Serve Those Who Served


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 The BBQ Brethren is an association of  grilling and BBQ enthusiasts with over 90,000 members world wide. The  internet home of the BBQ Brethren is visited roughly 2.5 million times a  month during the spring and summer. Members range from casual backyard  fans to champion pitmasters.

The BBQ Brethren's Alexa ranking is 18,553 and their forum has over 3 million posts dealing with BBQ and grilling.

Members of the BBQ Brethren can be  found at BBQ competitions every weekend of the year. When they are not  competing, members are frequently cooking for their friends or involved  in community events.

Larger, planned events include BBQ  Brethren regional get-togethers and cooking for charities where members  bring their smokers, meet up and share their passion for BBQ in a way  that helps others.

Do you have an event that the BBQ  Brethren can help with? Would you like to lend a hand at one of our  events? Have questions? Please feel to write to us at 

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BBQ Brethren has over 90,000 members worldwide.  Our events attract volunteers and members from surrounding states to come assist in feeding our veterans,l homeless or those in need.  Our goals is to show our deepest appreciation to our veterans for their sacrifice and also to let those in need know they are not alone.